In July 2010, Bryan Youmans, then as an Prophet was attending a local church while on a (5) month consecration is where God spoke to his heart to establish a ministry. God would then, release a name and to call the ministry "City of Deliverance Church".
On December 5th, 2010 the City of Deliverance became a reality which was birth and born in the heart of Prophet Youmans. The ministry was opened at 1706 Old Shell Rd. Prophet Youmans bringing that old flavor of Holiness being anointed by God sitting faithful for over 27 years under his mother (Dr. Joan A. Youmans) God would give him a double portion. God began sending people to be saved, delivered, healed and filled with the Holyghost. The ministry within (2) months became to small and couldn't any longer hold the people.
Prophet Youmans was up against Apostles, Bishops in the area that pretend to befriend him, but he remained focus until God revealed the assignments of attacks by the enemy. With countless miracles, and numerous prophetic words release that have already come to pass.  
On March 12th, 2011 Prophet Youmans & the congregation moved to our existing location founded at 80 Broad River Blvd and Apostle W. Darden, of Word of God Deliverance Church, Enfield, NC would come and be the speaker for that evening in our dedication service. God would continue to send in souls from all over the states. At this location is where God would heal all manner of illness and diseases. True Deliverance would be displayed at all times bringing True Holiness back to Beaufort, SC. As of November 2011 less than (1) year we are between 150-180 in attendance every service which is to be the fastest growing ministry in this area period. To God Be The Glory!!!!! (ITS A CITY THING)
The City of Deliverance isn't your church as usual. We are a live, healing, prophetic, and deliverance ministry located in the heart of Beaufort (Burton) SC area with a divine mandate to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world.
The City of Deliverance exists as an experience for those who have breath in their nostrils, able to hear, be imparted and witness to live the miraculous life changing power of God. All services have one focus, which is to connect directly to God and receive the impartations of prophecy that won't make you feel good, but be forever changed in your life. The City of Deliverance have become a place for the unchurch, hurting, reject, and the lost souls can find their way back to God and the believer's can hear what the spirit have to say unto the church.
The City of Deliverance aren't focused on crowds to hype the service, but we are people, with real issues, with the same focus reaching for the heart of God. We as anointed Deliverance Servants corporately seek God in prayer to allow Him to direct all services.
We welcome you to join us for any or all services:
Sunday Evenings: main outpouring celebration @6pm
Tuesday: Prayer & Bible Enrichment @ 7-9pm
Thursday: Mid-Week Outpour @7:30pm
Our Staff are looking forward to meeting you soon,
Chief Apostle Bryan Youmans, Sr. Pastor
Apostle Joan A. Youmans, Apostolic Mother
Prophet Brandon Hinton
Prophetess Yvonne Holmes
Prophetess Patricia Singleton
Evangelist Shalanda Priester
Eavangelist Queen Deloach
Deacon Curtis Deloach
Church Mothers
Mother Justine Dunbar
Mother Gloria Dilbert
Mother Sandra Blake
Sis. Bridget Dilbert, Church Administrator
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